Benefits of Karate

Karate has many amazing benefits for students.

Here are some thoughts on what you will gain, what you will learn and what you will be encouraged to do as a Karate student.

A Shotokan Karate class

  • Is something different than your normal exercise
  • Gives the best work out 
  • Will lead to healthy weight loss
  • Combines cardiovascular, muscle training and flexibility
  • Is good for mind, body and soul
  • Let’s you escape from the daily grind, become peaceful
  • Is a place where nobody is too old and where age is just a state of mind
  • Includes all ages and ensures a safe, healthy, enjoyable experience
  • Includes all body types, physical ailments
  • Teaches you how to stand up for yourself and loved ones
  • You will gain Fitness Karate exercise is intense. Similar to swimming, it exercises your entire body.
  • Training karare will improve your overall fitness and body awareness. It will strengthen and develop almost every muscle in your body. Through proper dedicated training you can reduce your resting heart rate and feel healthier. Karate will get you physically fit and feeling great about yourself. A deep respect for fellow students and teachers Strength Endurance Confidence Karate instills confidence by teaching us our limitations. By overcoming fear. By improving our image of ourselves. By placing you in control of your body for the first time in your life. This confidence will spill into every aspect of your life making you a stronger, better person. It’s humble, hard won and free of ego. A sense of belonging in the karate community A thirst for learning more and be the best you can be Self-defence Feeling safe is important. The confidence with knowing how to defend yourself and your family is empowering. The only tools in karate are your hands and feet, so they are always available. Self-control Endurance Quickness Strength Muscle toning Self-confidence Coordination Karate training develops the student’s awareness of their body, how it functions and how to control it. This process leads to improving the coordination of the student. Good coordination builds confidence and enhance karate performance. Focus Karate requires focus on the instructor, yourself and your surroundings. It is not the same as paying attention like in a classroom. We mean focus your consciousness, mind and body on a single task. To do this the student will learn to block out distractions. You will build focus. Focus calms your mind. A calm mind is more confident. This is a powerful tool in all areas of your life. Discipline Karate is structured. Structure cannot be maintained without discipline. Discipline is maintained through the respect of the head instructor. Orders given cannot be questioned. Only through discipline can we surpass our limitations. Through discipline, trust, respect and structure we can learn to apply these same principles to our lives as self-discipline, confidence, self-respect and control over ourselves. This is the importance of discipline. New friends Meet people with the same interests. You will learn How to respond effectively to physical confrontations Proper warm-up Strength training Skills practice Warm down with stretching The art of Karate Respect for yourself and others You will be encouraged to proceed at your own pace, according to your personal fitness and experience level set and achieve personal goals through the karate belt system