Soon Pretorius

soon pretorius karate

My name is Soon Pretorius and I am the Chief Instructor and owner of The Karate Academy. The Academy was born from my passion of Karate. It has come a long way and we have trained thousands of students over the years. I am confident that the quality of training provided by The Karate Academy is world-class.

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More about me:

  • Graded 8th Dan by Keigo Abe sensei, Chief Instructor of the JSKA World Federation
  • Member of the prestigious JSKA Shihankai
  • Chief Instructor of JSKA South Africa
  • Chief Instructor of The Karate Academy of Southern Africa
  • Chief Instructor JSKA Africa
  • Former JKA World Champion
  • JSKA AAA Graded
    WKF license Kata/Kumite
  • Nelson Mandela Recognition Award